c r e a t i v e _ by Condé_Nast.AW2o23 & F i n a l A

M o n t s e r r a t S a l v a t _ c r e a t i v e d i r e c t i o n by Condé Nast A W 2 o 2 3 P O R T F O L I O & F i n a l Assignment

The following editorial

aims to engage the audience by creating a very personal creative concept.

The atmosphere that surrounds its description

is narrated in coherence with my aesthetics and ethics.

my Creative Concept task, hope U like it and feedback in any case.

T h a n k Y o u very much for your T I M E .

to introduce this project, I would love to say that this turbulent and strife-filled time that we are all currently living in, with not enough time to talk to each other and few moments to discuss the real issues that concern us, is not a simple or clear sign of our present but a topic to which we have to pay more attention.

In this context and within the framework of Beauty (as I usually conceive it), my intention is to launch these short articles or essays, as well as some Chatting_Views to REdefine a diverse and balanced idea of Beauty; something palpable and NATURAL.


E P I S O D E _ 1 _

above part of the PROJECT ( first T A S K ) on Creative direction for Condé Nast College London W _ 2 0 2 3.

if you want to see more just J O I N.

Throughout this VIDEO bellow, you will find everything around the artwork.

The fact is that it is a sample of a NEW editorial I have in mind. BANAL but OLD Mag full of sense and aesthetic, aiming to achieve a timeless – ageless TRIBE,. I feel so blessed when I think on it because during this period I have learned how the TEAM can provide you with the balance you need, giving the necessary counterpoint to contrast versions and achieve the best S P I N .

P L E A S E be so Kind to give any F E E D B A C K.

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