“Cocinar en Cocotte “

I n t r O

At a time when we return to tradition in search of things well done, we discover that we can take advantage of traditional techniques and tools and at the same time achieve improvements in our way of cooking.

Cooking in cast iron pans, known as cocottes, transports us to the kitchen of our mothers and grandmothers, a kitchen of heart, of wisdom, a quiet kitchen full of the values ​​of sustainability, flavor and nutrition that popular knowledge provides us. .

Domestic kitchens have a great ally in iron pans, as they allow us to once again enjoy a kitchen that ensures extraordinary results, in line with the current trend of cooking at low temperatures with a very sustainable cooking element.

And it is that in this way of cooking we find values ​​that comfort us and make us want to cook and enjoy cooking as a part of our lives, in which we not only seek to feed ourselves but also enjoy an act as important as it is cook and share the kitchen.

Because cooking, eating and sharing transports us to those leisurely kitchens and to a few moments of esteem around a table where the kitchen is the point of union and the door to one of the greatest pleasures that life offers us”.

This is a short introduction and a true State of intent.

here above and below, some pages and sketches of this marvelous art work I made under a deep research of what really inspires Chefs and discovering the essence and presence of themselves.

Creuset products for the cleaning matters. All of them in line with the B R A N D.

this receipt in particular is one of my favorites because it reflects the passions of the cockers and the freshness of the products they took for the book and obviously for all the themes they tend to recreate.

in this sense the kitchen not only the for the book but the normal day “.

Now some Images and making off of the project, in whic I took part creating and decorating the receipts with my storkes on water color .

Eva Hausmann
 (Autor ) Salvador Brugués (Autor ) Becky Lawton (Fotografía_Autor )Twice design (montaje – Final arts ) Montserrat Salvat (ilustraciones )

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