Fida Fashion illustration Awards 6th edition

Talking about the piece I presented to the 6th edition of Fida Fashion illustration & digital arts Awards, which has been shortlisted for content …

I want to point out that all the inspiration comes from my personal point of view, I mean my inner way for seeking out through the images to keep the most inspirational and somehow a finest interpretation of what I consider B e a u t y.

From this point until the end of the process I thoroughly try to keep the rhythm and work together with this vibration.

That’s why this piece means a lot to me. The elegance that it conveys is the result of a mixed concept where urban inspiration meets posh demeanor and takes to the streets walking firmly, with full conviction and swing..

This is part of my inspiration, the group on the left is great, both masculine and feminine in the same percentage, the perfectly cut and assembled garments describe the extended career of Riccardo Tisci, his extraordinary Savoir faire and his great ability to define the feminine elegance and sophistication in daily dress.

(making OFF )

Materials and techniques as I usually do:

Watercolor, ink, boli bic. Paper ( it depends on… Canson, Tintoretto gesso, Arches or …) All of them have been purchased in the most equipped art store in Bcn, Vicenç Piera (C/ Via Augusta).

The Avant-garde drives the decision of a new generation .

More than I can write down is the note I want to detail.

Riccardo is and was the perfect example of what the effort and Passion can do.

Let me share withYOU:

His first job was at the KoKon To Zai boutique and his first contract at Puma. Shortly thereafter, frustrated by a job opportunity that failed to materialize, he left for India. A month and a half later, he returned to Italy with a collection that Mariacarla Boscono – a top model and her close friend – urged him to present in Milan. “She started to move everything, it involved all her friends. My mother and sisters sewed in the kitchen, and models like Karen Elson, or Mariacarla herself, invited Vogue directors when they met them backstage at other shows. The models did their own makeup, my sister took care of the hairstyles… A friend played the dj. And, as if by magic, everything went well. That was a unique show. Triumphant” …

He explained to Vogue Spain.

no WORDS Master !!!!

… i n T h e S T U D I O previous digital retouching ( adding the background and calibrating tone & Hues )

Here my space, my table in the studio where I create.

Lights and gadgets, materials and gifts, old & new stuff that made me.

P T : Next stop Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design L o n d o n to embrace the final decision.

Good luck to ALL the amazing and talented team of illustrators from around the world and T h a n k Y o u very much Jury and organization for this incredible opportunity and support 🤍









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