Art and fashion IMFDIGEST F a s h i o n and A r t

From the most complete expression to the smallest stroke.

From the most specific version to the most abstract mode.

Since the idea invades the artist, spreading the essence in his work; leaving the grid obsolete.

Since Passion overcomes emotion, when emotion rises its maximum expression embodied in a physical mode, the reality that occupies something palpable is Art.

The Art of conquering the wandering souls that go through time seeking out their own identity.

Identity that is resolved according to the eyes that observe. So … at this point ,

What is fashion without art and which path of fashion is not art? when art is more than ever in fashion

(Both above are the previos art and the final one I prepared for the article about fashion and art that will be launch at the cool JournalMagazine by Istituto Marangoni Firenze. Where savoir faire and hard work goes hand to hand)

when talking about fashion and art my personal experience drives me to the perfect balance in which I would always love to be, an aesthetic concept along with your movements comes out running in a fluent way.

It is most than a couple is just a natural attraction where featuring out the ideas. That’s Energy.

.let me share with Y O U whar I introduce in this comment as well asis gonna be about my art work once it has been showcased
Following my interview at Isttituto Marangoni Firenze

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