MSVO Skin Flower et Pottery s h o w

On this occasion Salvat wants to express how the deepest part of herself and the innermost background she has compiled over the last decade have influenced her and created a new pathway to express. Arts and techniques from the origin are still there and despite it evokes to a natural childhood live style, references captured on paper have a special strength, more nude to sensations but aiming to take a step forward.

Perhaps those simple lines are seeking out a different Beauty as calm as reflective.

below short intro to the artist and Soul.

This theme could. be the most interesting style she has ever developed, with refined strokes both precise and free, full of fresh embellishments of cool details, always preserving the main concept “fashion as a beautiful path of fine arts.
being so conscious of the sensitive atmosphere looking for the most direct path to simplicity, however she wraps this packaging with the most excepcional soft and powdery hues wet in the water to get the perfect shape.


She chooses to keep quiet, waiting for the moment when silence keeps you out of time, serene as a butterfly plans the strategy of growing after the experience of dying. Like a Phoenix of fire, she begins her own new path, but together with the resources that give her calm.
Resigned and wise, Serena awaits the end of this strange Era and the cautious but definitive transition towards the goal.

S e r e n a. 120 * 200 cm.
the complete set for this hand made plates is composed by three pieces the big one; covering the underneath the set, the medium and the treasure/ mini one on top, all of them works together or just by one by one, embracing a complete estructure of clay in its most natural palette from the innermost to the earth.
this illustration; the small one is not what it seems to be, it is the post sketch of a bigger one , after creating the combination of shapes and pigments from a nude body inspiration and parts of my own body as my hands and noise I recreated the simplification on a 30*40 cm paper, to keep the essence and give more strength

P a z. 120 * 200 cm

short Video featuring the complete series of the collection Skin Flower and Pottery show.

J u s t i n e. 120 * 200 cm

E x h i b i t i o n

2 skin Flower MEANS how my heart joins my brain and uses a reflex action with a collected images from my memories. They all represent some states and values that are important for myself. Quirky ideas and full sense
m y s t u d i o , where each piece that I usually work with has been customized by my hands and brain. TABLE = old little baby´s bed … etc
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