SAND Copenhagen

The story of SAND Copenhagen is not only the story of one of the most successful Danish fashion brands ever; it is also the story of true creativity, a passion for craftsmanship, and a keen eye for beautiful products with a long lifespan.

As one of the leading Danish fashion brands, SAND Copenhagen transcends age, gender, and race, and includes everybody, who appreciates a great sense of detail, the finest materials, perfect cuts, and contemporary premium fashion.

During the last two months I have been collaborating with this cool brand among others thanks to been part of the production team hand in hand with the prettiest Zina Charkoplia . She introduces me the brtand and the project made up of Gerard, Zina and I came to life in a shooting campaign full of sense and commited with the new concept collection.BELOW SOME from the Social Media and REELS post that we created and part of the making Off. The thing is that BEING part of the TEAM WAS SO EASY and JOYFULL, It is not so usual despite of what it would be ) to get one in front each other and just flow without comments or barely any guidelines.

That is what I call J o I n a B ll e. or by the same way EASY. to Come.

tornstart …. all the garments and trends settled up on the bed. Before choosing the first or second eitherway.

going on location , Gran Via BCN close to @almanacbatc Hotel

SAND Copenhagen t r e n c h c o a t – B l o u s e and S k i r t . H e r m è s KELLY black and THE R O W sandals with the perfect shape and tall.

My personal A R T W O R K was focused on the composition and balance of the s h o o t s: keeping the center of the scene in balance and in accordance to the ethic and aesthetics of the B R A N D

Following the guidelines and message of the Campaign reaching out the structure and living up to the right target – market segment

Team work – resting t i m e CH _ CH . Chilling and Chatting, discussing the planes and images.

perfect match of color and glam, In contradiction. to what the major would thought, the “MALVA _ LILA _ GRAPE “ t o n e goes hand to hand of this season.

14 _19 _ 13 _ 0. H U E S

above part of the inspirational color mood board settled down to push and boost the “malva” f7e8ff. html & css CODES of color #f1d7ff

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