The ART of Inspire _ personal project of Upcycling Creativity with Massimo Dutti

 Massimo Dutti pays special tribute to work done by hand through three unique and creative experiences,

which will bring us closer to this manual work and giving new life to the brand’s packaging, turning basic elements such as silk paper and boxes into exclusive craft creations.

introduction by the Firm.

“. Nature is often referenced in the work of Montserrat Salvat. Her projects are always within the framework of sustainability and environmental ethics. In her latest collaboration with Massimo Dutti, Montserrat Salvat gives new life to the silk paper of her special gift packaging … “

details from _H o m E my best ever In s Piration during those months of quirky mode of seen the World through a small context but Gigant Interior.

firsts of all I decided how to reinterpret and which materials I prefer to customize the wrapping and packaging of Dutti Online orders and how to perform the occasion in order to express all the important stuffs I had in MIND. My innermost and almost the prime value of my Live …

after having receive the boxes and miniS for Perfumes I reintroduce the technique by wetting the support with water and pigment, after that I trace over the boxes that wrap the bottles with black strokes of Ink just to feature in a PURE expression the forces of NATURE.
testing with my LAMY and Watercolors … before the DAY of the shooting

I feel so honored & it is been a Pleasure for me to take part in this Precious M e s s a g e I trust transmits & emphasizes the Values I defend so much and that @massimodutti maintains in its Soul by giving us the opportunity to perform a new L i f E for the online orders packaging during this Holidays

These special P i e c e S of art created for the firm, express the intention & confidence, the commitment and the Action by themselves. Sustainability & Love for Our mother EARTH.

On this occasion, my inked strokes on the cardboard and the watercolor tuning the mini white robe bags from the Perfumes collection are inspired on the Natural Flow of leaves and petals , the MoveMent of Air & treasures of a VeileD veil of the SievE from HeavEn and walk together through this Atmosphere with some exclusive interpretations on each packaging support such as silken tissue paper, natural pigments and Flowers in nature Deco by @martasmth , @tallersilvestre_official and @alblancatelier .

here below some of Making OFF

some shoots and short movies about

to continue I just Want to introduce the Final MOVIE art ( Short Film ) within the context of UPCYCLING & ARTS project, which is included in the Social Media PAPER mag of Dutti with Number 72.

thanks so much to Héctor Ferreño FILM MAKER and Alba Guillen HAIR & Make UP artist.

Complete project and final arts _ PAPER n . 72 from @MassimDutti

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