Some people can say that ALGO Means NOTHING, isn´t it?? for me more or less.

Why should I have to understood a global concept as ALGO when could be used as a seamless buzzy word without any sense of strength or effect.

Actually when you say ALGO you’ve probably chosen a typical action to propose or an iconic splan to do whenever and wherever, that´s what I mean ” NOTHING” .

From the other side, ALGO always helps us to grow to give more information or to express that you want to keep in touch or continue with a relationship or maybe just continue doing something that you ABSOLUTELY NEED. In this case ALGO turns completely the direction & gives away a new sense of fullness. It is in at this time when I can introduce the nowadays shifting industry of Fashion more reflective and reflexive, beating the unexpected and trying to shape their channels and movements through the new version of CATWALKS also selling virtual collections and mounting a different channel of retailers and manufacturers, in which the customer is paramountly TOP but saving energy and resources probably more .

What do you FEEL ?

“” Goods AND thoughts , Stuff AND Roles “”

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