Dior _ Maria Grazia CHIURI pure ADMIRATION

Thinking about how to wear today the purity & perfection of both looks cross my thoughts, loving to be poised and to-the-point in every place I go and In this case extended to all. The only brand that I really love is @Dior.

The confidence it brings, the exclusive trimmings & designs, the extraordinary femininity and delicate patterns that make you feel strong and impressive for a long, like the breeze that reborn from your innermost, volatile and sublime at the same time, angel and devil by the way.

@dior New Collection F2019 #MariaGraziaChiuri #Fall2019 #LooK7 #ispirazione


Here bellow the delicate form of Sharon Eyal by my strokes with watercolor and ink with elegance and cool dreams. The creative choreographer of the incredible @Dior dance show SS2019.

The echoing sounds that came from the almost opaque darkness of the place came from the light movements of the dancers, perched on their ballet shoes as magical centaurs.

@dior New Collection SS2019  #MariaGraziaChiuri #ispirazione #illustration #illustrazione

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