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Something really good

or perhaps it is not too good it is the closest expression of what I am and what I do love the most to do in L i F e..

my life and work during the last years could be embraced in this article about my soul and thoughts.I am thrilled and tremendously proud with the result:

Part of the process has been related to a previous theme on which we based the start of the concept “ artbe. fashion and Art “ that is such a complex as simple duality that engloves my innermost feelings from my childhood until the highest possirion of my being where dreams about fashion were rooted and then weakly but deeply have grew up,

That is why I Ibegan writing about the idea.

From the most complete expression to the smallest stroke. From the most specific version to the most abstract mode.

Since the idea invades the artist, spreading the essence in his work; leaving the grid obsolete.

Since Passion overcomes emotion, when emotion rises its maximum expression has been reflected in a physical mode, the reality that already occupies something palpable is Art.

The Art of conquering the wandering souls that are looking for their own identity.p

Identity that is resolved according to the eyes  observing. So … at this point ,

What is fashion without art and which path of fashion is not art? when art is more than ever in fashion.

the evolution was clear & the later stages lead to a deeper investigation concluding in a complete project with a F u l l A r t i c l e_

one of the Q&A I specialy remember is

“””. I’MF: You’ve worked with very well-known fashion brands. What were the challenges you had to overcome to complete these successful collaborations?

MS: Basically, self-confidence. That’s one I’ve learned through experience: ensuring that your work is worthwhile and improves the final result. Illustrators are always seeking to please customers, which is understandable. Still, people should try and feel more comfortable showing and sharing their hard work and experimenting with new techniques for each project. “”

Because is absolutely emerging from my experiences at the industry and why not, is a state of what trajectory gives you.

following more captures of the articles an link to it.

IMFirenze D I G E S T Journal

H o pe Y o u Li k e I T _

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