VALENTINO Born in Roma Perfume Campaign

Born in R O M A Live Painting.

On this occasion Valentino Perfumes wants to manifest How the Beauty of Life comes alongside the Art.
With my interpretation of the emblematic freshness through water and pigments, the new Valentino Fragrances enjoy the most creative version running out two special actions for this Campaign.

Art performance featured by L’Oréal Spain consists of creating a series of watercolors inspired by the coral accord and the Roman sunset hues, always preserving the message

“As the claim of the campaign promotes, Many Ways to be you is something as basic as it is exceptional, we are all capable of being and free to act as we see ourselves and as we want, to be Oneself; True to OWN instinct, it’s Natural and AMAZING” (my personal interpretation)

With BORN IN ROMA CORAL FANTASY, Valentino invites U to a new Roman sunset.

As coral light floods the skyline.
a COLOR TOP NOTE, juicy, refreshing kiwi accord tinted with radiant and sparkling Orange essence creates a colorful boldness.
a COUTURE HEART NOTE with a Super infusion of Jasmine flowers creates a modern twist with a haute couture bouquet accord echoing the floral femininity.
a COOL BASE NOTE with Ambrette seeds note which brings textural warmth and softness to the fragrance, combined with woody Musks accord.

The bottle takes its color inspiration from the beautiful sunset hour of the Eternal City R O M E and its bottle is signed by an audacious coral statement, inspired by the energy of this magic hour on the streets of Rome.

Thank you Very Much L’Oréal Spain @beatrizmier @porcioles @martacarva for having me on set 💖
and Absolute T h a n k s To V a l e n t i n o Savoir Faire

#MANYWAYSTOBEYOU #LivePainting #ValentinoPerfumes #BornInRoma #BornInRomaCoralFantasy #LOREAL #Rome #ROMA

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