MSVO by recrea

Q u e s t a é my Inspiration for these creations, bespoke before having the final techniques to adapt pigments on.

now I N T R O ~~~~

During the last 4 years I have always had a D r e a m which simply consist in bring out the “gosht” I have inside from the pottery and cray hand crafts.

One day my cousin ask me if I would like to colab with his sister-in-law … and Obviously I said YES it is Me 🙌🏻

… so after several tests, sizing, app.pigment, 🥮 and shaping, illusion comes out and first shoots are appearing in the signature of a mini plate and big size as well.

these are some of the tests and probes I did with Blanca before deciding which is the BEST technique to go on with.

d e t a i l , white glaze and black pigment .

more about the rest of the TESTS, I mean, not only the plates are going to BE in …

the ceramic vases are covered with glazes and pigments from @anper_ceramica – strokes with @vpierabellasartes

@montserratsalvat  b y @recreatallerdeceramica

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